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18/05/17 - the daily mail published my orphanage series

Was surprised & pleased to see my Woodmen's Circle Home photos published this morning in the Daily Mail.  It is still a stunning location and I really enjoyed exploring and shooting on the eerie yet beautiful grounds.

15/05/2017 - new world mall story published in german news

I just saw via web search that my flooded & abandoned New World Mall series was published on a German news site.  Very happy to have some more exposure in Germany & glad to have that story published as it is a very unique place.

12/05/2017 - 'the cobbler' photo chosen as finalist in ozark photo challenge!

I was very pleased to be notified today that a photo from my 'the cobbler' series has been placed in the Ozark Photo Challenge photography competition which features work from photographers around my home state of Arkansas and surrounding regions.  It was chosen in the Journalism category and will be featured in the Mid-America Photography Symposium in Eureka Springs, Arkansas in late May, 2017.  I heard about the competition on the radio by chance and submitted my photos by mail on the last available day!  I had taken the pictures the day before in a very special cobbler's shop in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and my full series with a writeup about the gentleman who runs the shop is here.  Very excited about this honor to have my picture featured amongst some of the region's top photographers!

05/05/2017 - my solo 'Abandonia' exhibition

I had a solo exhibition on Friday in my home state of Arkansas in the US, very humbled and happy to be given the opportunity to display, discuss, and sell a few of my photos by my friends at Hot Springs Hot Spots in the fantastic town of Hot Springs. I really enjoyed discussing my pictures with so many genuine, inquisitive people.  I really enjoy telling the story behind each of my photos as it lets me relive the experience of shooting.  It was a killer experience and I hope to do other exhibitions in the future so that I can share my work and the stories behind each special person and place in them.

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