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Makkasan, Ratchathewi  District, Bangkok

I've been exploring & documenting abandoned places around the world since 2016 & have documented over 30 locations in Thailand, as well as the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in Ukraine, and a number of sites in the United States & South Africa.  I'm fascinated with the history of places that were once important components of local communities, but now lay derelict & forgotten to history.  I take pictures with the intention of cataloging a time, a place, and an economic or social reality. I attempt to gain a sense of the tapped-out usefulness of an institution and a peek into it's uncertain future.  Amongst the chaos is a beautiful order waiting to be discovered.


Originally from the US, I've been living, working and traveling in Asia since 2003, where I'm a Technology teacher & part-time photographer. Since 2007, I've lived in the culturally vibrant and beautifully chaotic city that is Bangkok, Thailand. The Big Mango provides endless subject matter for photos, with every moment providing something interesting and unique to capture. Since 2016 I've been heavily involved in the urban exploration genre, seeking out and capturing the eerie beauty of abandoned, decaying, or unusual structures and sites around the world.

I have experience in photogrammetry shoots as I had the opportunity to work with some awesome game developers (from Blue Hole/PUBG).  Enquiries welcome.

International Press Features/Awards/Exhibitions

CNN Style (article)- photo Gallery on CNN Style

International Photography Awards 2019 Winner (documentary photo book, 2nd place)

Yahoo Australia (Castle Mall & Water Park) & MSN

MSN (Sak Yant Tattoo Festival)

Daily Mail , LADbible(Chernobyl Exclusion Zone/Pripyat), Daily StarABC Ciencia (Spain), Observador (Portugal), MSN (The Art of the Personal Project: Dax Ward)

The Phoblographer (conceptual writing & interview)

Daily Mail, Mirror UKMixmag, Messy Nessy Chic, (Dutch) & the Lad Bible (Batman Nightclub)

Unilad (Abandoned Prison)

FMoPA 2019 First Place image in Drone Photography (Mud and Mussels)

SE Center for Photography 'Portal' 2020 Exhibition (2 images selected)

Atlas Obscura (Unflooded Temple) (Ghost Tower)

Daily Mail (Chinese Opera documentary)

Blank Wall Gallery Abandoned Buildings Exhibition (2 images selected)

May 2018 'Abandonia' Exhibition- - interview featured in Coconuts Bangkok & features by BK Magazine, Khaosod English, and the Bangkok Post

July 2018 'Abandonia' Exhibition -  Bangkok Post Guru (print feature & website story)

the Telegraph (photos of the day) (Roxy Disco)

Unilad (house of horror)

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds game map work (PUBG photogrammetry photography)

Daily Mail and Gangster Hotels/Brothel) (Abandoned Mountain Resort)

Daily Mail (Abandoned Mansions in a  Bangkok suburb) (Abandoned Apartments)

The Guardian - ('photo of the day' - Abandoned Dolphin Bay Beach Mansion) Dolphin Bay Beach Mansion)

Daily Mail, The Weather Channel, and MSN(Abandoned Dinosaur Park) (Interview & work profile, in Mandarin Chinese)

Bluewin Italian,Bluewin German, & French (Abandoned Dinosaur Park) Prison)

Atlas Obscura (self-written pictorial)

Daily Mail(Abandoned Orphanage)

Daily Mail (the Petch Siam Theater)

Bluewin French & Italian (antique junkyard)

Bangkok 101 (print magazine)

Lodown Magazine (print magazine)

the Mirror UK and the Daily Mail (the abandoned sanatorium)

Unilad (the abandoned art gallery)

Litro Magazine UK (print magazine, cover feature & photo essay) (Train Graveyard)

Bluewin (Swiss German) (Abandoned Fish Shopping Mall)

Bluewin (Swiss French) (Abandoned Grand Ayudhyaha Hotel in Bangkok)
The Daily Express (Haunted Junkyard)

Stuff New Zealand (Abandoned train cars)

Stuff New Zealand(Abandoned Pier-Temple) (Abandoned Fish Shopping Mall in Czech)

Coconuts Bangkok

China Daily (Airplane Graveyard)

I also have several other stories available from my syndicators:

The Abandoned Dolphin Bay Mansion

The Dugan-Stuart 'gangster hotel'

The Abandoned Fish Mall

The Abandoned Baseball Stadium

The Abandoned I.C.E. Tower

The Bangkok Train Cemetery

The Abandoned Paris Theater in Bangkok

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