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29/04/2017 - abandoned hot springs series

I was lucky enough to be given access to 5 abandoned buildings in the historic resort town of Hot Springs, Arkansas, former haunt of celebrities, gangsters, and crooked politicians during the early to mid-20th century.  The photos for each building, along with a few historical details of each site can be found here.  It was a really cool opportunity to be able to explore these special sites and document them in some still frames.

18/04/2017 - exhibition in my home state

I'm having a small solo 'pop-up' exhibition on May 5th in Hot Springs, Arkansas during my month-long visitation of the US.  I'm excited to be able to show some of my image prints to a local audience in the state where I grew up.  If anyone is in the area, please feel free to stop by.  Details are here and here.

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07/04/2017 - published in poland!

Very pleased to have my airplane graveyard pictures published in Gazeta.pl, Poland's biggest online news source!  Happy to have some more exposure in a new place and in another language,....niesamowite!

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30/03/2017 - my writing & photos in messy nessy chic

One of my favorite websites in existence, Messy Nessy Chic, asked to feature my Batman club photos and writing on their fantastic site!  Really happy with this exposure and the chance to write my own text to go with my photos.

29/03/2017 - got into the abandoned Thai Fa tower in Bang Na

We got into the graffiti-covered abandoned office tower in Bang Na, Bangkok, on Sunday.  This is the Thai Fa Tower, which was another structure left unfinished due to the '97 financial crisis.  It's the site of lots of tragedy, including murder, suicides, lots of drug abuse and other illicit activities, but nowadays is empty aside from a family that looks after the building.  It is also covered in some fantastic graffiti murals, more than I've seen at any other abandoned site in Thailand.  I'll publish my full series next week, after the pictorial goes up on Barcroft's site.

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24/03/2017 - Oscar Theater series completed

I made a couple of trips to the Oscar Theater on Petchaburi Road in Bangkok to take some shots in and around this dilapidated venue which was once a grand film theater.  I put together some images and text to try and paint a picture of the current state of Oscar and what it once was.

17/03/2017 - batman photos published in daily mail

It was great to see my Batman Nightclub photos published again, this time in the Daily Mail and a few other places.  It was originally published in the Mirror & the Lad Bible in October 2016 & seems to picked up a bit of traction again.   It's a very cool place and I'm glad to be able to share my images with a larger audience.

15/03/2017 - abandoned & flooded mall with fish

I made it into the abandoned New World mall in Bang Lam Phu district & had a pictorial published on Barcroft.  This is the famous shopping mall which has a flooded ground floor pond with fish. My full series is here, along with a history and description of how I got in (which involved climbing a rickety stack of metal).

09/03/2017 - photo book published & up for sale!

I've published my first photo book, 'Abandoned Thailand',  which documents the places I've discovered and photographed during my urban exploration photography adventures in Thailand over the past year.  I put together my favorite photos along with text outlining interesting notes from each location.  Thanks to everyone who supports my work and I look forward to seeking out and documenting more strange and amazing places, as urbex shooting has become a never-ending pursuit for me.

06/03/2017 - Litro magazine cover photo & feature essay

I'm really excited to be have my photography featured on the cover of Litro Magazine (UK) for their March print edition! I've also written an an 800 word article to go along with selected photographs from my different photo series' on abandoned Thailand. This is awesome news and I'm really stoked to get the cover of such a cool publication!

29/02/2017 - pier series published in stuff new zealand

My abandoned pier series was published with an article that I wrote in Stuff New Zealand.  This is the second time that they've published one of my pictorials and I'm really pleased with the feature!

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26/02/2017 - the abandoned hospital series

In January a friend recommended to me an abandoned hospital that may be cool for shooting.  After several visits and lots of maneuvering in one of the most difficult shoots, I came out with a few photos and some stories.  I actually had to sneak into a movie production in order to get some of these.  Others were done while crouching behind walls or stored food carts so as not to be seen by a security guard or janitor.  Anyway, thanks for viewing!

17/02/2017 - the haunted house of terror

I visited a house with a terrible history on Sunday, February 12 in Mahachai, Samut Sakhon.  I've detailed the history of the house as well as I could from speaking with a colleague who has grown up in Mahachai.  The story of the house is both terrifying and fascinating, which is the feeling that I've tried to capture in the images.  Thanks for having a look.

10/02/2017 - 'Silent Skyscraper' I.C.E. Tower Series Published on Barcroft TV

My I.C.E. Tower Bangkok urban exploration story was published on Barcroft's syndication site but has not been picked up by any media outlets, unfortunately.  It was still a very fun place to explore and shoot and I'm very pleased with the series that came from the expedition.  Thanks a lot to everyone for viewing and to everyone who have sent me messages of support over the past months.  I really appreciate the encouragement!

05/02/2017 - abandoned gas station

I finally processed some photos that I took on New Year's Day 2017 in Nakhon Sawan, Northern Thailand.  We were driving back from Ayuthaya and drove by an abandoned gas station.  I did a U-turn & went back to shoot some pictures as the place looked promising.  Here are the photos from that shoot which turned out good due to the subject but especially because of the clouds on that day.  They add to the sullen atmosphere of the place and really bring out the mood of the series.

01/02/2017 - made it into I.C.E. tower!

Mook & I managed to make it into an abandoned office tower in Din Daeng, Bangkok on early Saturday morning.  This 37-floor office building has been empty for the past 20 years, since the asian financial crisis (known as 'TomYumGoong' crisis in Thailand) caused the construction to halt.  What you see here is the result of that expedition and I am very pleased with the results.

06/01/2017 - petch siam theatre series published in the Daily Mail

My Petch Siam Theater series and story was published in an article of the Daily Mail UK on Friday the 6th of January!  I'm very pleased with the way this series and the article turned out, and very excited to be featured for the third time in the Daily Mail,  such a widely-distributed publication.  It's an awesome place and I feel lucky to be have been one of the few people to ever document it's existence.  

26/12/2016 - the mahachai rama theater

I visited the Mahachai Rama Theater in Samut Sakhon city and was shown around by the owner while I shot some photos.  It was in operation for about 50 years and only stopped running a few years ago.  I've added my favorite photos from the shoot to a gallery, along with a write-up describing the place. 

20/12/2016 - haunted junkyard series published

Some of my  'Haunted Junkyard' images were published by The Daily Express (UK) today.  Glad to have them picked up!  The full series of my favorites from this shoot are here.  Thanks for checking them out :)

01/12/2016 - train graveyard series/story to be featured soon!

My current project, the Bangkok Train Graveyard series, will soon be published as a pictorial on my fantastic distributor's site (Barcroft) & up for grabs to publishers.   I tried to use less of my fisheye and focus more on the smaller details in this one, which I feel made it a more impacting set of images.  This is the second 'abandoned train' site that I've discovered, but certainly a unique place, filled with mostly locomotives rather than passenger cars. I really hope this one does well and gets picked up!  Either way, it was a fun place to visit and I got some shots that I'm really pleased with.  Rock & Roll

29/11/2016 - theatre story still up for grabs!

My abandoned theatre series was published in a story which is still up for grabs on the Barcroft Site.  This is the first story that I've had that hasn't sold to a major publisher right away, so I am a bit disappointed.  It is a strong set of images from an incredible place, so I really hope that someone will pick it up and publish it at some point!  Glad to have it out there, nonetheless

19/11/2016 - new 'abandoned movie theater' project

I spent the afternoon shooting at an abandoned film theatre in Bangkok & it looks like it will be my new pictorial project.  It's such a stunning place with so much detail and forgotten grandeur.  Looking forward to working on the photos and getting the information together for the story.  Really glad to have been able to document this site as these old theaters are becoming more and more hard to find in an ever-gentrifying city. 

16/11/2016 - photo featured on Mahanakhon FB page & awarded

Big thanks to the MahanaKhon Group for sharing my Supermoon photo on their facebook page and also for the Dean & Deluca gift certificate!  It was a great night of shooting and the MahanaKhon tower provided a truly unique subject to go along with the SuperMoon.

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16/11/2016 bangkok sunset time-lapse

This is a time-lapse of the sunset over the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok, Thailand. It was taken from the roof of the 57-floor JTC building on Silom Road. It was taken just before the rise of the Supermoon on November 14, 2016.  I took it with my iPhone 6s.

15/11/2016 - supermoon over bkk

I had the opportunity to take photos of the 'Super Moon' on the evening of November 14th.  This is a phenomenon that only occurs once every 60 or so years, with the moon being much closer than usual to Earth, making it appear much larger and brighter than the average full moon.  It was also a great Bangkok Sunset which I caught on stills and via time-lapse.  I took photos from the roof of the 57-floor JTC building on Silom Road in Bangkok, and my best can be viewed in this gallery.  

08/11/2016 abandoned nightclub story published by the Mirror UK

My photo series from the abandoned Batman Nightclub in Pattaya got published in the Mirror!  Really happy with the pictorial and subsequent exposure, always great to see that your pictures are being viewed by the masses, rock & roll!

Update:  The series was also published in Lad Bible

10/10/2016 - abandoned nightclub project

I've started work on documenting an abandoned Batman Nightclub in Pattaya, which has 6 floors and is one of the most unusual places I've ever seen.  I spoke with some folks living and working nearby, as well as one guy who used to work at the club over 20 years ago when it was in operation.  He said that an electrical fire gutted the building after it had been open for only a short time, with many dying during the fire.  The place is also home to a lot of art left over from a recent street art festival (as well as some 'freelancers'), which makes it even more interesting. I've been processing the photos & working on details of the story, hopefully it will be released sometime in November.

05/10/2016 - feature in bangkok coconuts

Bangkok Coconuts news published my decaytrain photos & wrote up a great article about my stuff.  Really appreciate the feature and hope to work with Coconuts more in the future!

26/09/2016 - pictorial published in the Daily Mail

Extremely pleased to have had my 'Abandoned Mansions' story purchased by the Daily Mail!  Hopefully it'll be picked up by some others as well, but even if it doesn't I'm glad that they did so well with the write-up.  The people there are very kind and welcoming, glad to see the story communicates that as well.  Rock and roll!

21/09/2016 - won 2nd place in thaivisa photography competition

My photo of 'sewing grandma' won 2nd prize in the August thaivisa photography competition!  Really happy & honored to be chosen.  Big thanks to my gf Mook for spotting the scene making sure I didn't miss the chance to take the photo.  Good times!

18/09/2016 - 'abandoned mansions' project

For the past 6 weeks or so I've been working on a project of exploring some abandoned 'muban' mansions in Nakhon Pathom, west of Bangkok.  It's been an interesting series to work on, having visited the site twice and spent some time speaking with the people living there.  The story should be published sometime around Monday, September 26th.  Really looking forward to it, hoping that a major news source will pick it up!

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17/09/2016 - Stuff NZ pictorial

Had my 'Decaytrain' pictures published by Stuff New Zealand recently.  

They did a great job with the story & I'm really happy with the exposure to one of NZ's most visited news sites

17/09/2016 - links to recently published pictorials

My Bangkok Airplane Graveyard pictures & article were recently published in:

- Daily Mail

- The Sun

- The Telegraph

Weather Channel

- Lonely Planet

Stoked about the exposure!  

17/09/2016 - welcome

I've set up this site after some advice/suggestions as a sort of hub to connect my social media accounts and display some of my work.  

I will try to keep it updated with my latest projects & publications, hopefully will not get too lazy and forget about it.  Thanks for visiting!

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