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September 6, 2020 - currently featured in Fotofestival Scheidam in the Netherlands

I'm really excited to have my image called 'That Which Glitters' will be featured in Fotofestival Schiedam 2020 in Holland this month from Sept 3-20.  The exhibition, which has the theme of 'Transitions', is an annual photo manifestation in three weekends with exhibitions and activities showing current and actual developments in photography. The program is based on a theme that explores the relationship between photography and the world because this once trusted medium increasingly shapes and colors to the way we perceive our reality.

I'm grateful for having my image selected and look forward to seeing pictures from the event.  

Image statement:  

This is a composite of 9 stitched images, taken in Bangkok, Thailand on a canal of shanty homes in the foreground & a newly built golden Buddha statue in the background. My intention was to juxtapose the disparity between the excessive 'gold of religion' and the daily struggle of poverty-stricken individuals who see no benefit from such extravagances.

August 29, 2020 - the sketchy bando market

I documented my 40th abandoned site in Thailand the other morning: an abandoned market to the east of Bangkok which was super sketchy, so sketchy in fact that I call the series 'The Sketchy Market'.   The gallery contains the full story of the odd occurrences during my exploration.   ☠️☠️

August 22, 2020 - 'Intermission' picture selected for upcoming US exhibition

I was just informed that this picture, called 'Intermission', was selected to be in the SE Center for Photograpy's 'Forsaken' exhibition in October in Greenville, SC, US. I shot the image in Sukhotai province at an abandoned cinema which the super kind family allowed me access to for two hours! This is the 3rd time the SE Center for Photography has chosen one of my pictures, another will be in 'Color' next month. This makes three exhibitions in the US and Europe that will feature my work over the next couple of months, needless to say I'm really glad to be a part of these super shows and appreciate the judges for their choices!

July 26, 2020 - Thai Abandoned Site #39, the Strip Mall

Today I explored my 39th abandoned site in Thailand since starting urban exploration documentary work in 2016.  This abandoned strip mall in eastern BKK had some excellent street art, including one very unusual mural of (I think) an alien doing some 'things'.  Lots of symbolism to unpack with that one I guess.  Anyway, it was an interesting place with some stairs & other features that made for some good pictures.  Thanks for checking it out.

July 17, 2020 - picture featured in upcoming exhibition

I was notified that my photo, Mosaic Market, will be a part of the upcoming Color exhibition at the SE Center for Photography in Greenville, SC, US in September. This is the second time that they've featured my pictures in an exhibition, so  glad to be a part of another show!

June 20, 2020 - Tuk-Tuks of Chinatown

The world has gone a bit crazy over the past few months, so I haven't been out and about taking very many photos.  Since the curfew has lifted & distancing regulations have eased up, I have made a few jaunts to parts of the city .

This is a little series that has inadvertently come together over the past year.  I will try to keep it updated as I make regular visits to Yaowarat, one of the most colourful locations in Bangkok.

Tuk-Tuks in Yaowarat, BKK

Jan 4, 2020 - 'Brothel 35'

Happy New Year & thank you for following my work.  I look forward to a busy 2020 of documentary work in derelict places.

I was able to photograph a location in Kanchanaburi, central Thailand which ended up being perhaps the most unsettling place that I've documented.  I've written about it in the full image gallery for Brothel 35.  I normally find sites of urban exploration & the accompanying photography work enjoying, but I took no joy in documenting this site, though it had to be done.  A lot of suffering & despair occurred here, the presence of which could be felt.      

I also have video footage of the interior and drone from overhead.

Brothel 35, Kanchanaburi

Dec 30, 2020 - the 85-year old paper mill

I made it over to Kanchanaburi & spent the day exploring a huge, historic location in central Thailand.  This abandoned paper mill was built in 1935 and was used to print Thailand's first paper currency.  Check out the full image gallery, along with this drone & interior footage on youtube.

The Old Paper Mill

Dec 21, 2019 - murder house story published in Unilad

My pictures got published in Unilad for the second week in a row!  I shot this series in 2017 as I was just getting started in bando photography (and photography in general).  I went by recently to get some drone footage & aerial shots which I thought would help to get the full perspective of the site.  Really glad to have my work featured in Unilad yet again, though the subject matter is pretty dark & the story the most tragic of any from locations I've explored.

Dec 10, 2019- abandoned prison story featured in Unilad

I was really glad to have my abandoned prison series from Chiang Mai featured in Unilad this week.  They have published my work a few times & it is always nice to get my pictures out to their expansive viewership.  The full series of these images is here in my gallery, along with the weird backstory.               

Dec 4, 2019 - abandoned nightclub gallery in Nine Australia

Glad to see that this series finally made it to print in Nine Australia.  The teal glass dome still shines marvelously  & really stands out from the stained cement that comprises what's left of the building.

Nov 30, 2019 - photos featured in 'Portal' Exhibition

Two of my photos will be featured in the SE Center for Photography's 'Portal' exhibition in January 2020!  If you happen to be in the Greenville, South Carolina area of the US at that time, drop by and let me know how it looks.  These are two of my favorite images so I'm very excited to have them on display in this well-known US gallery.

Sep 10, 2019 - My photo book won 2nd in the 2019 International Photography Awards!

I was stoked to be informed that my Abandonia Thailand  book was awarded 2nd place in the documentary photo book category of the 2019 International Photography Awards!  The International Photography Awards conducts an annual competition for professional, amateur, and student photographers on a global scale, creating one of the most ambitious and comprehensive competitions in the photography world today.

This is excellent news and feels like the hard work put into organizing that book was well worth it.  I'm still on the lookout for a publisher, would love to put it into a larger-scale print!

Aug 21, 2019 - un-flooded temple pictures in Atlas Obscura

My series from the un-flooded temple in Lopburi (Wat Nong Bua Yai) was published in Atlas Obscura today.  This is the second or third time I've had a story on the Atlas, always glad to share the unusual story.

Aug 15, 2019 - charity exhibition feature

Our Bangkok Photographers Group charity exhibition got a nice mention in PrestigeOnline, which we're very happy about.   Prestige is the online lifestyle media of choice for the affluent and influential as well as among high-flying corporate leaders, the country’s most eminent personalities, and Asia’s social elite.  We've sold 12 pictures at the time of writing this, but still have another 13 framed prints remaining.  The exhibition runs through August 31st at Cajutan on Sukhumvit Soi 18 in Bangkok, come by, have a look & buy a picture for a great cause!

Aug 13, 2019 - the Un-Flooded temple

I paid a visit to this recently re-emerged Buddhist temple in Lopburi province.  I had been submerged in a lake for 20 years, but has come back to the surface due to the intense drought in central Thailand.  The effects of climate change are all around us, this is but one example.

Aug 8, 2019 - charity exhibition

I've organized, along with the Bangkok Photographers Group, a group charity exhibition to benefit the Pick-aPet-4Home animal rescue organization based in Bangkok.  We had an excellent opening night on August 3rd, and the show will run through the 31st.  Details here

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