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May 21, 2022 - 'Major Hollywood' series published in the mirror

I was glad to see my recent series shot in the Major Hollywood abandoned entertainment complex published in the Mirror. The Mirror has picked up a number of my stories over the past couple of years & I'm always stoked when they do!  ☠️🎳🍿

May 14, 2022 - the Charoenpon Rama Cinema

I had a look inside the Charoenpon Rama Cinema in Pathumthani today which I've talked about in this new gallery. It was a blast to explore as I'm a film nut love the incomparable (compared to streaming at home) experience of sitting down in a theater with popcorn in hand to enjoy a great movie on the big screen. Have a look at the images & read my story to get an idea of what the standalone cinemas in Thailand were like before being run out of town by the big bad chains.

Also see some of my previously explored theaters,  Petch Siam Theater, the Paris, the Mahachai Rama, and Major Hollywood.

April 26, 2022 - first NFT sale!

I woke up this morning to see that an image from my 'Steps of Abandonia' collection on OpenSea was sold! Huge thanks to Fidel Amos for appreciating my vision enough and giving a first sale to an artist new to the NFT marketplace. I'll be forever grateful!  Check out my collection on OpenSea linked above and to the right!            

April 24, 2022 - the abandoned 'Major Hollywood' cineplex & bowling

I got access to a bando bowling alley & cinema complex in Phra Pradaeng, Bangkok on Saturday, which was a VERY hot, dark and creepy place...therefore it was a blast! Full series & info linked above & on the right.

April 4, 2022 - old photos & video of the New World mall when it was open

I was recently sent several old images & video footage from a 1990 movie shot on location, as well as some interesting historical details of the New World Mall when it was up and running in the 1980's-90's, shared with me by Mr. Lodanaht Novataynoop. It's always excellent to hear more in-depth history of the places that I have documented. It helps to visualize what they once were. This place sounds like it was a very unique mall, a very ambitious project which never reached it's intended scale. The images can be seen here and the details I have added to my original gallery of the mall as it is today. Huge thanks to Lodanaht for the share!

March 25, 2022 - bangkok podcast interview

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Greg from the Bangkok Podcast to discuss my experiences of photographing abandoned sites in Bangkok & around Thailand. We had a great discussion which went by super quickly! I always enjoy the chance to share my stories, pictures and experiences with a wider audience, and it was great to be able to actually talk about it rather than just typing some text!

January 29, 2022 - published in the Mirror once again

The Mirror picked up another of my series, this time it's the abandoned polo club in Bangkok. I'm always glad to have my pictures shared to a wider audience, especially when they are of a special location. This one is in my top 5, such a magical place.

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