25/05/2019 - Pripyat drone footage featured on LADbible

The footage that I shot in Pripyat was featured on LADbible, a fun UK-based news site that has a huge following on facebook.  This is actually the second time that they've featured my stuff, always glad to have it shown to their large audience.  I only had about 10 minutes to fly my drone over Pripyat, so I did the best I could to get what video & still frames I could in that time.  I only wish I had a bit longer, but we had to get indoors before the daily tours/security teams arrived.  Glad to have this brief amount of footage get so much airtime in the media lately!  The excellent HBO 'Chernobyl' miniseries has certainly had something to do with that.

07/05/2019 - my image was awarded 1st place in the FMoPA international photography competition!

I was informed today that one of my drone images has was selected as the 1st winner in the 'Places, Landscapes, and Drone Photography' category for this year's International Photography Competition at the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts!  It will be featured in the upcoming 2019 International Photography Competition exhibition at the FMoPA.  I shot this at a mangrove preservation area  in Samut Songkhram Province, Thailand.   I'm very excited about this selection & honoured to be a winner in this competition in which hundreds entered.  I started flying my drone about a year ago and have put in some work at learning this new medium of photography.  I'm thankful to be getting some recognition for my drone work & happy to see that my work outside of the 'urban exploration' genre can get some recognition.  Big thanks to the FMoPA for this award!

04/05/2019 - feature stories published in spanish & portuguese press

Features on my Chernobyl Exclusion Zone work were published in a major Spanish news site, ABC (ABC Science), as well as a widely read Portuguese news site, Observador.  They linked to my drone footage YouTube and the galleries on my website, and provided a rundown of my experience in the Zone & a profile of the area.  I'm really glad to have these features as it has provided some greater exposure to my recent work.  I've been published quite a bit in Europe over the past few years, but as far as I know, this is the first major Spanish & Portuguese feature!

01/05/2019 - chernobyl zone images & drone footage published

My drone footage & images from Pripyat & the Chernobyl Zone were published in the Mail and Daily Star yesterday, two widely read sites based in the UK .  The Mail has featured a lot of my work, which has given it widespread distribution for which I am grateful.  Anyway, once again, I'm happy to have the features and to be able to share the experience & images with the many readers of these publications!

22/04/2018 - completed a trek into the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone!

I just returned from 18 days in Ukraine where, amongst other adventures, I did an illegal trek into the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and the abandoned city of Pripyat!  It was an intense experience in the crown jewel of urban exploration locations, the adventure of a lifetime and one that I'll never forget.  I have 9 individual photo series from the trek, along with descriptions, where I've done my best to detail the trip and the sites we visited.  I'm hoping to have an article published in the next few weeks about this unbelievable adventure, but for now have a look at the images and see for yourself!  I'm also working on some drone footage over the city of Pripyat and other areas of the Zone which I'll have up sometime soon on my YouTube channel (with it's HUGE following of around 10 people)!

27/02/2019 - pictorial published on atlas obscura

Atlas Obscura published a pictorial that I wrote about the abandoned mansions that I shot in 2016.  It's a really unique place & I'm glad to be able to tell the story again to a new audience.

03/02/2019 - writing & images published on The Phoblographer

My pictures & writing were published on The Phoblographer, a website that explores the psychology of photographers as they do their work.   I'm always glad to have the opportunity to put my own writing with my pictures in publications & this was a great opportunity to do so. ☠️☠️

09/01/2019 - castle mall & water park images published in Yahoo News

Several of my  abandoned Mall & Water Park images & drone video were published by Yahoo Australia & MSN.  I'm stoked  to be able to share these pictures & the wild backstory with so many viewers.  Here's the full image gallery & video on my YouTube channel.

26/12/2018 - Chinese Opera images & story published

My images & interview with the Sai Yong Hong Chinese Opera troupe manager, Mr. Thatchai Obtong, were published today in the Mail. I had a great time watching the opera, shooting pictures, & interviewing Mr. Thatchai about his unbelievable life story.  I'm really glad to share this amazing story and my pictures with a wider audience in a well read publication. 🎭⛩📸

19/12/2018 - meeting Her Royal Highness

Thursday, December 13 was a very special day in which I experienced  of my life's great honours. I was very lucky  have the opportunity meet Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn,  a very kind & lovely person. It was wonderful to be able to share my students' photography with HRH via our school exhibition & the gift book of their photos that I put together over the past few months. The book seemed to be well received by HRH & I'm very happy about that.

It was a humbling experience to be able to meet a much-loved and respected person in my home of Thailand & a day that I will always remember. I’m so proud of my students’ hard work and passion for photography, they made this honour possible for all of us.

photo by Sayam Eiampichairit

Untitled photo

14/12/2018 - my work & book featured on aPhotoEditor.com!

I'm honoured to have my Abandonia work featured on a well respected website in the photographic industry, aPhotoEditor.com, in a piece regarding The Art of the Personal Project.  This is great exposures for my pictures & the book I've been working on, so I'm very pleased & grateful to have my work published there.

06/11/2018 - upcoming exhibit at Sights & Sounds event!

I'll have 5 pictures on display & up for sale at the Hive Thonglor's Sights & Sounds event on November 16, from 7-9pm.  It's a one night only event with live music, photographs, and drinks, so come stop by if you're in the city!

29/10/2018 - pictures exhibited in Blank Wall gallery in Athens

If anyone happens to be in Athens over the next couple of weeks, stop by the Blank Wall gallery & have a look at their abandoned buildings exhibition. They chose two of my pictures to display & I'm curious how they turned out!

18/09/2018 - atlas obscura article

I wrote this pictorial for Atlas Obscura to tell the story of the Petch Siam Cinema in Sukhotai, northern Thailand.  I shot the series in late 2016 & it still stands out as  one of the most unique places that I've ever explored.

21/08/2018 - ghost tower work published in Hone Travel (Nine Australia)

I'm really happy with the solid feature with my work on Nine Travel in Australia once again.  It's always great to get featured in Nine as it is one of Oz's top news sites.  They did great work with the images, vid, & text to paint the full picture of a unique but somewhat dangerous spot in Bangkok.

14/08/2018 - the Roxy discoteque

I shot the once upscale Roxy Disco in Petchaburi, Central Thailand & came out with some decent images that I hope evoke the feeling of the very  kitschy late 20th century dance club that it was.

14/07/2018 - shot the ghost tower!

I was able to get special permission for entry & made it into Sathorn Unique (the 'ghost tower') on my birthday, July 9!  I was also able to speak with the building's owner about the ongoing issues with trespassers & have included some of Mr. Pansit's views in my writeup. All-in-all I hope it makes for an interesting read & series!  Thanks for viewing

06/07/2018 - interview feature in Guru Magazine

It was really cool to be interviewed by Bangkok Post's Guru Magazine in this week's edition regarding my current exhibition & ongoing work!

The full interview on the Bangkok Post's website is here.

03/07/2018 - Bangkok 101 Magazine Feature

I'm very happy to have a 6 page feature in Bangkok 101 Magazine this month! I picked up some copies from the publisher today & it looks great. In the digital age it's easy to forget that print is the medium for which photos have always been intended.  Really glad to be able to share my work and objectives with this readership.

24/06/2018 - antique junkyard story published on Bluewin

My abandoned junkyard series that I shot near my hometown in Arkansas was published in French & Italian on Bluewin, a large Switzerland-based news site that distributes stories in multiple languages.  They've featured a lot of my work & it's always great to have more exposure in mainland Europe!

19/06/2018 - Abandonia Exhibition reopens at Wishbeer the Vue in Bangkok!

SUPER excited  to be able to continue my exhibition at Wishbeer the Vue, starting Tuesday the 26th of June & running through July 24!  This venue is an excellent  location for display as it is a  chill riverside spot with superb food & drink.  We'll have an opening party next Tuesday the 26th with food & drink deals abound (and apparently a speech by me), so come out and enjoy some beer & good vibes and have a look at my work! 

07/06/2018 - Jam exhibition interview

The Jam website published an interview with me regarding my current exhibition, closing night party tomorrow...Jam's owner, Dhyan Ho, asked some great questions about my work which I answered as best I could! 

03/06/2018 - final week of exhibition!

This is the last week of my Abandonia photography exhibition at the Jam gallery in Bangkok!  Please stop by Jam and have a look if you can, we're having a closing party on Friday night (June 8), which should be a fun way to end the show.  Thanks to everyone who has come out to check out my work & especially thanks to the fantastic  humans who have purchased framed pictures!

**30/05/2018 - Exhibition Closing Party**

We'll be having a little shindig for the closing of my exhibition on June 8 at Jam in Bangkok from 7 to midnight.  I've sold several pictures & there are still many more up for sale, so stop by & have a look!  Jam is opened every night but Monday, open 6pm-midnight.  It's been wicked to be able to show my actual printed photos to the city at such a fantastic venue, this closing event will top off a great 3 weeks of sharing some of my exploration & photography experiences with so many fine folks!

27/05/2018 - exhibition announced in Guru

Was pleased to see the exhibition announcement printed in Bangkok Post's Guru Magazine!  I'm happy to have all the publicity for my exhibition that I can get.  It continues until a closing party on the evening of June 8 at Jam in Bangkok, so come on out & have a look!

Also really excited to have an upcoming full feature spread in BK 101 Magazine on my 'Abandonia' work in Thailand.  It's always cool to see my pictures in actual print as they're usually only seen in digital form.  Nowadays it's very easy to forget that print was the original & intended medium for displaying photographs  & also where they look the best!

Untitled photo

26/05/2018 - the old customs house

I've visited the 130 year-old Customs House in Bang Rak district of central BKK multiple times in the past few years.  I was able to shoot some images of the interior recently as the building is set for renovation to become yet another upscale hotel.  

24/05/2018 - abandoned apartment feature published in Oz

Nine Travel in Australia published some of the better images from my abandoned apartment series that I shot in Samut Prakarn, just outside of Bangkok.  They also put up the drone footage that I shot while there.  I recently revisited the site with a reporter from Coconuts Bangkok to get some more aerial footage, as it is such a sprawling site that it demands a lot of shooting time in order to document the whole site...not sure I'm done with that one yet!

18/05/2018 - Got A LOT of awesome press for my Exhibition!

I'm so thrilled to have been interviewed by the popular local expat & English language site Coconuts Bangkok!  Ms. Laurel Touhy did great work in writing the article & I had a blast showing her around the abandoned apartments. 

I also got some press in BK Magazine, Khaosod English, and the Bangkok Post for my 3 week   Exhibition at JAM in Bangkok!  We hope to have a great turnout for the opening on May 18, so come on out if you're in town.  The show will run at JAM until June 8, when we'll have another party for the closing night

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