Unofficial Rules of Urban Exploration

A few personal rules (most urban explorers follow the same):

1.  Leave no trace - Take only pictures, leave only footprints, etc. I never vandalize or do graffiti or anything like that, I certainly never break and enter.

2.  Ask permission - if there is a guard or caretaker, I always ask, politely, to enter. If they say no, then I leave. They have a job to do & if letting me in threatens it, then I absolutely respect that.   

If there is nobody around and the site is open without any ‘no trespassing' signs, I go in, but never enter if I can see that it is not allowed. I've broken this rule once because the guy was a  self-important dick who was very rude to my wife.

3. DO NOT SHARE LOCATIONS!!   - Nobody does this. Not with anyone, but especially tourists. This is the universal, unspoken-but-universally-understood golden rule of urban exploration.  Even asking is a faux pas, like touching somebody's head in Thailand. 

The reasons are simple enough. The more people who know about a place, the more likely that it will become ruined by becoming overrun with people and vandalized/graffiti'd by no-talent 'taggers' who can only paint their idiotic tags and childish trash (I do have respect for the awesome work of the urban artists with genuine creative ability & vision, but still don't share with them). Also, I don’t want people who live in the site or area to be bombarded with people trying to get in. All of this makes it much more difficult for other urban explorers to gain entry to these places, which many of us have put a lot of work into finding as well as cultivating relationships with guards and property owners/neighbors.

Those who don't understand or accept this last bit about locations can go feast on a bag of dicks. I absolutely loathe these (thankfully very few) insufferable douchebags, actual grown-ups who keep asking for bando locations and then get salty & whine about it like entitled 8-year olds when we won't share them. If I had a time machine I would go back to when they were in the womb and encourage their mothers to queef them into a truck-stop toilet. Don't be like these people. They are not cool.

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